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My wagon.
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can someone with a chronic illness who has had a series of really fucking shitty doctors appointments please like or reblog or reply to this so i don’t feel like i’m dying alone please?





Here for ya girlie

so not alone :(

Yep, feel like I live there. The ONLY good visit I had was when I found out my symptoms were connected and had a name. And at the same time it was like a life sentence, sooooo…. :/ yea

None of my doctors or helpful, nor do they know what’s causing my condition. A lot of them haven’t even heard of it. They also won’t prescribe me pain meds that would actually help me. I’m still looking for someone that can actually give me some kind of relief. Most of the time I have to ask myself, “Who let you get your medical degree?” My pediatrician is the best lady ever, though.

Not a chronic illness, but sort of related. I’ve had strep for over 2 years. I know some people have had an elevated ASO for longer, but nothing has been done. They told me it could damage my kidneys, then they don’t follow up with me. I’ve gone to walk-ins for my swollen tonsils, but then I’ve been told that they can’t do anything because having a high ASO for 2 years means my condition is beyond their control and I have to see my regular care physician who hasn’t done anything except tell me to check my levels. When told my levels aren’t coming down and are still elevated, she tells me to check on it again in a few months. My next appointment is in November. My mom thinks I’ve contracted strep maybe once or twice since last November. No one has told me whether I can contract full blown strep or if I should expect flare ups. I don’t know if it’s related to my migraines. I feel like I’m going in blind and it’s so frustrating. I just want answers. My doctor didn’t tell me that this was also the reason for my fatigue. I found out through a last-minute physical performed at a walk-in when I was telling them about my strep. They said it was unheard of…Tell me about it.

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Caribbean Sunset by Fabrice Rose
New Author: Sabrina


I finally got a Tumblr (you can check it out here) so I can post my pictures now. It won’t be Amber deciding what to post for me anymore because I’m a big girl now. Pictures to follow.


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Glow x
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Hummingbird’s iridescent feathers